The OSLP Arts & Culture Mentorship Program pairs an OSLP artist from open-studio with a teaching artist in the community for one-on-one art lessons.
Each mentor is asked to contribute at least one hour a week for an 11 week period. Mentors will also be asked to attend several scheduled meetings and complete an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the mentorship. Artist mentors receive a $200 honorarium in appreciation for their participation. We are currently looking for artist mentors in a variety of media.
For more information on how to become a mentor, contact Sterling Israel at 541-636-3119 or
Current Mentorships:
George Dean & Ted Carter (Game Development)
Susan Petersen & Kailey Ruiz (Clay and Handbuilding)
Dana Woodall & Mari Corrigan (Pottery)


Past Mentorships:
Ashley Munkres & Felice Angeli (Fabric Arts)
Sam Allen & Patricia Donohue (Clay)
Larry Hurst & Aunia Kahn (Portrait Drawing)
Nikki Lenkoff & Betsy Huffsmith (Painting)
Gary Brooks & Tim Boyden (Woodworking)
Mary-Minn Sirag & Shannon Fagin (Photography)
Pete Theophanes & Keith Fuselier (3D Printing)
Alana Unfried & Jacob Smith (Photography/Mixed Media)
Josh Aden & Jay Jones (Videography)
Susan Arnott & Jessilyn Brinkenhoff (Mural Painting)
Alex O’Shannon & Brandi Crye (Jewelry)
Vern Gray & Robert Canaga (Drawing)
Josh Aden & Jacob Smith (Photography/Video)
Paxie Oster & Heather Halpern (Ceramics & Printmaking)
Larry Hurst & Alexander Eister (Painting)
Sherlyn Dendy & Mari Livie (Painting)
Shirley Beebe & Mary Beth Llorens (Painting)
Vera Hicks & Patricia Montoya Donahue (Basketweaving)
Perry Johnson & Josh Krute (Printmaking)
Josh Aden & Leon Simon Sanchez (Videography)
Ryo Mastrogiovanni & Heather Halpern (Watercolor)
Riley Webber & Alida Bevirt (Drawing/Painting)
Hitomi Goma & Stephanie Jackson (Mosaics)